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Privacy policy

When a user or member enters our website after accepting all of www.phpmatrimonialsoftware.com's terms and conditions, the user or member must provide the required information. Nevertheless, the user or member has the option to not provide the optional information. User/Member is solely responsible for preserving the confidentiality of the User Name/Identity and the User Password, as well as for all activities and transmissions/transactions performed by the User using his/her user name/identity. User/Member is solely responsible for conducting any online or offline transactions connecting debit/credit cards or such other documents or instruments for the purpose of conducting such transactions. As a result, www.phpmatrimonialsoftware.com has no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information linked to the subscriber's online or offline credit or debit card usage. This includes your negligence while performing these actions.

There is a connection between www.phpmatrimonialsoftware.com and a number of service partners, including servers and administrators. It is possible that we, Narjis Infotech will use your IP address in conjunction with other information you have provided, such as your Contact name, Email address, User-created password, Address, Telephone number or other contact number, Pin code, etc., to assist us in diagnosing server issues and operating our website. Your Internet Protocol address may also be used for comprehensive demographic statistics collection. In addition, we will use this information to contact you and provide you with information that may be tailored to your specific interests. Relevant examples comprise administrative notices, targeted banner advertisements, product offerings, and communications pertinent to your website usage. To gain access to this information, you must first consent to abide by our terms and conditions and our privacy statement.

It does not sell, rent, share, trade, give away, or otherwise share your information with third parties unless you specifically authorise it to do so. If a user who accesses our site, such as a constructor, agent, or broker, has submitted their contact information for the purpose of advertising on our portal, then other users who access our site can contact the advertiser at their request through us. All users of our website are subject to the modified privacy policy without any prior notification of the updated version. It is strongly suggested that you review our privacy policy frequently in order to remain abreast of any modifications that may have been made.

It is impossible to hold www.phpmatrimonialsoftware.com accountable for any potential errors or inconsistencies. Nonetheless, we at Narjis Infotech make every effort to provide you with accurate and understandable information.

www.phpmatrimonialsoftware.com expressly disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for the information or material displayed on this website by third parties, including but not limited to its correctness, substance, completeness, legality, dependability, or operability, and its availability.